Reader Interactions


  1. Catherine says

    I would love to win this because it would be the perfect thing to wear under my skirts!

  2. Michaela says

    I need this because one year later after the birth of my daughter I still can’t get rid of this excess flab from gaining 55+ pounds during pregnancy. And being a single working mom, I have NO time anymore….help me hide my rolls!

  3. zoe hunter says

    WOw, i need this to nip and tuck in my little trouble areas….what a great product, thanks for sharing and holding a contest.

  4. andrea a says

    I need this bc I have huge thighs and have a small waste. My tummy is starting to get bigger and no longer looks flat. Now the problem is I still wear really tight clothes like when I had a flat stomach and so therefore I no longer look cute. 🙁

  5. andrea a says

    I tried to leave a comment b4 but failed. I wrote in my failed comment how I def need this product due to the fact that I’m leaving in denial of my weight gain. My thighs are getting type swollen & my stomach isn’t flat like it used to be. Yet I am aware of it but still continue to wear cute tight clothes.Even though I know it doesn’t look good on me anymore. Please help me feel cute again !!

  6. v4ever says

    I could definitely use some help from Tres Sleek to make my body appear a bit slimmer. Diet sometimes just won’t do >.<

  7. Belinda M says

    I have gotten older and my shape is not as perfect as it once was. I HATE the way I look in dresses so I totally avoid them. All I see in the mirror when I have a dress on is lumps and a belly that has not been flat since before I was pregnant. I want to feel sexy and shapely again. This item would be a total godsend.