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Over Fifty and Fit: Simple Strategies for Healthy Aging



You’re getting older, but that doesn’t mean you should slow down. You still have a lot of life in you, and there’s a lot you can do to stay healthy. While many people “give up” when they hit 50 – believing they are “over the hill,” – this is a time to rejoice. You have the wisdom earned by your younger years and enough vitality to make it to 80. Here’s how.



Lift Weights


Most people avoid lifting weights for their entire life. But, lifting is one of the best ways to build and preserve muscle at any age. No, you won’t be the hulk that you could be in your 20s. But, you can still build and preserve muscle – muscle that you’ll desperately need in your advanced age.


You see, building muscle isn’t just something to think about. It’s something you need to do. Many senior citizens meet an untimely and early end because of a hip fracture or loss of balance – both of which can be attributed in part to weakened muscles. Additionally, weight lifting is proven to increase mitochondria in your cells – the powerhouses that provide those cells with energy. By building muscle, you will be helping to prolong your life.



Reduce Alcohol Consumption


There are various methods to decrease alcohol consumption when you’re older – especially if you’re used to drinking several times a week. Why bother decreasing alcohol consumption? While some studies show that a glass of wine a day can be beneficial, it’s also true that alcohol produces a toxic substance in the body – called acetaldehyde – that needs to neutralized by enzymes in the liver, specifically the P450 family of enzymes, aldehyde dehydrogenase, alcohol dehydrogenase, and catalase.


All of this sucks up important resources that could be used for other purposes that will improve your quality of life.



Work On Mobility


As we get older, we sometimes become less mobile. Mobility training is one way to improve your mobility as you get older. Forget stretching – most of what you hear about it is wrong. Instead, work on improving your range of motion through exercise, like walking, unloaded and loaded barbell training, and mobility-specific work that includes trigger points and possibly active massage.



Eat Healthier


Everyone needs to eat healthier, but what does that mean? There are so many ideas out there right now about what to eat and what not to eat. One of the best sources for information about a customized diet is Chris Kresser.


Oh, and forget about switching to fad diets like vegetarianism, veganism, juicing, or popping a handful of supplements. Those don’t work.


What should you opt for? Preferably, a customized diet that takes into account known food allergies and non-IgE food sensitivities. If you can’t afford the necessary medical testing to figure this out, opt for a non-inflammatory diet consisting of lots of veggies, some fruit (non-sweet, like berries), some nuts, unprocessed meats of all kinds including fish and organ meats, and some natural animal fats like pastured lard and butter which have a healthy balance of saturated and monounsaturated fats, and limited plant-based fats like coconut and olive oil.



GUEST BLOGGER: Steve Tucker’s passion for holistic medicine grows from his penchant for research and healthy living. When not working with patients of all ages, he often blogs about natural ways to stay healthy. Follow Steve on Twitter.


Risky Business: The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism


Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon and the principal motive for the decision to get on a plane to see out treatment in another country is primarily the cost factor.

More people than ever before are now considering cosmetic surgery and undergoing procedures to alter their personal appearance for cosmetic or sometimes medical needs, but cost should definitely not be the sole motivation for seeking treatment abroad and there are certainly dangers attached to medical tourism.


Reputations come at a price

When you consider using someone with a track record and good reputation like Plastic Surgeon Dr Robert Goldman, this is often factored into the price that you are going to pay for your procedures and should provide you with a level of comfort and peace of mind that you are trusting your body with someone who wants to ensure that you are completely satisfied after the work has been done.

Mr Goldman is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and this means that you can check on his and any other registered surgeons qualifications and suitability for carrying out the procedures you are thinking of having done.


Know who is holding the knife

It is not always so easy to check on the qualifications and reputation of the surgeon you are flying out to another country to meet with for probably the first and only time. Checking into a Bangkok hospital to get breast augmentation work done or to have a tummy tuck can seem very attractive when you see that you might be able to get the work done for less than you would pay for the procedures in Australia, but when you might only get as little as a five minute consultation and there may even be a language barrier to overcome, there is definitely a risk attached to choosing your plastic surgeon purely on price alone.


Do your homework

It is fundamental advice, but when you consider that it is your body that you are subjecting to cosmetic surgery and mainly you that has to accept the consequences afterwards, it is really important to do your homework beforehand.

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) are not the only recognized body to alert members of the public to the inherent risks of traveling overseas for surgery. Protecting patient safety is a number one priority for professional bodies like the ASPS and you should look for similar auditing or quality assurance standards from any overseas provider of cosmetic procedures.


Rectifying mistakes

The fact that a good number of cosmetic surgeons registered in Australia, spend their time rectifying complications arising from cosmetic procedures that have been performed in overseas facilities, should be a fair indication of the importance of doing your homework and ensuring that the price you are paying does not turn out to be a false economy, when revision surgery is required after you return to Australia.

It is well worth remembering that cosmetic surgery wherever it is performed is real surgery with real risks attached to it, so despite the apparent attraction of a cheaper surgery option being packaged with a beach holiday abroad, you really need to be alert to the potential downside and dangers associated with cosmetic surgery tourism.



GUEST BLOGGER: Michelle Smythe is a dedicated medical professional. With research and experience, she often blogs about common medical questions and concerns in the modern world.

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Coconut Oil: An extract that’s exactly what the body needs


Coconut oil has always been something most people are acutely aware of as a product that resides in your average healthcare retailer or up-market boutique as a tried-and-tested skin care solution.


But what many people may not realize, when it comes to coconut oil, is the incredible range of health benefits this seemingly ordinary edible oil extract possesses and why it’s high time people started sitting up and taking notice.
Online retailers like the Ethical Superstore have long extolled the virtues of coconut oil as a product that offers incredible health benefits via the presence of capric, caprylic and lauric acids, which, when combined, offer the user antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal and even antimicrobial relief.
But rather than go into details over the science behind coconut oil, we think it would be far more effective to outline how this extract can work wonders for you the customer.


The Heart

Once upon a time, scientists believed that the presence of saturated fats within coconut oil meant it was actually bad for you. However that couldn’t be further from the truth – the 50% lauric acid content actually works to prevent problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Not to be confused with vegetable oil, coconut oil actually reduces the amount of damage records to arteries and in no way increases LDL levels.


Liver, Kidneys and Pancreas

Coconut oil’s beneficial properties to the body’s organs don’t stop with the heart . For instance, the extract has been known to prevent disease in the gall bladder and kidneys as well has helping dissolve kidney stones.
The presence of triglycerides and fatty acids also helps to reduce the likelihood of liver disease with these chemicals aiding the work of the organ and preventing fat accumulation. With coconut oil also recommended in the treatment of pancreatitis, this is one product for all occasions.


Skin and hair care

Traditionally associated with skin care, coconut oil is effective in treating dry and flaky skin without the side effects seen in mineral oil. Also adept at delaying the signs of aging, this oil has been used in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other less common skin infections.
It boasts similarly effective properties when it comes to hair care, working as an extremely effective condition and agent in the re-growth of damaged hair. Containing proteins that help heal and nourish hair, it’s little wonder that many in the Indian sub-continent use the oil.


Weight loss, immunity and digestion

Looking to shed some pounds? The short and medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil mean it is both easy to digest and effective at encouraging healthy thyroid and endocrine function. It also helps people burn more energy by increasing metabolic rate and the stress on the pancreas.
The mixture of acids founds in the extract also boost the immune system to give the user further protection against infections and viruses.  This can go as far as in the treatment of yeast infections like Candida, with coconut oil offering a viable treatment option.
Digestion is also aided by the presence of coconut oil in cooking courtesy of the antimicrobial properties that are effective at dealing with the bacteria, parasites and fungi linked with indigestion.


Other Applications

Coconut oil is also effective at controlling blood sugar and insulin secretion, two major benefits to those with diabetes, while the extract’s ability to improve the absorption of minerals like calcium and magnesium can help bone and dental health.



On a more serious note, coconut oil has an effective role in reducing viral susceptibility among those suffering with either HIV or cancer.