Get The Support You Need With A Trendy Plus-Size Swimsuit

Real girls can make any size sexy, especially when you find the perfect outfit for your style. Curvy women in particular can have a frustrating time finding fashionable clothing, especially when it comes to the beach. Whether you are planning for a winter vacation or want a jump-start on the summer, it’s hard to seek out fashionable swimwear that is flattering to their figures in a traditional department store. For whatever reason, most designers haven’t clued into the fact that women of all sizes want a bathing suit that makes them feel sexy and desirable on the beach, while providing a sense of comfort and support.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect plus-size bathing suit, there are options that you may not know about. It’s all about accentuating the areas you love about your body, such as your bustline, long legs or teeny waist, while disguising problem areas such as your belly, highs or thighs and derriere. Some women may want more coverage and others may want to flaunt what they’ve got. Either way, there should be a suit that fits all of your needs in a flattering, trendy style you love. No one should feel ashamed about going to the beach.


Unfortunately, regular department stores and specialty racks are outfitted with swimsuits that meet the status quo. The reality of the situation is that physical stores will bolster their inventories with the sizes that are featured in prominent advertisements. However by going online, you can discover a whole new world of stylish bathing suits for sizes 14 and above that are catered for your demographic. While the market may still be smaller, these specialized designers know what their customers want and are able to give it to them through online retailers. Companies such as specialize in offering an amazing selection of style, color and pattern options in all sizes from the most popular designers. Their easy sizing options make it simple to find the perfect bathing suit for your style and body shape.

Even though you may be shopping out of season, it doesn’t need to be summertime in order for you to purchase a brand new bathing suit. Many curvy women need swimwear for a wintertime vacation, or even if they’re planning on taking up swimming or love sitting in their hot tub. Once you’ve identified the type of suit you’re looking for, it’s only a matter of looking. Traditional stores tend to make larger women feel as though they can never find the right suit. Online shopping is a treasure trove for all body types, and is filled with consumer incentives like off-season low prices and sale items. There are all kinds of trendy styles for plus-sizes – consider the high-waisted bikini, cut-out one piece or tankini. Leopard prints, neons and graphic styles like an Aztec or watercolor design are all of-the-moment and are easily available at the right online retailer.

By going online, you’ll find many sizing options at your cursor. Department stores carry a limited range of sizes because of inventory and rack space considerations. If you wear a size that’s difficult to come by in a regular shop, check out specialized plus-size swimsuit shops. Whether you’re searching for a bikini or a supportive one-piece, you’ll have options available in your size and won’t be married to whatever fits. Curvy women should never feel left out of today’s trends simply because of the limitations of physical department stores. Take back the beach with a swimsuit that looks and feels like a million dollars.




How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Finally Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Most people make the same dieting mistakes over and over, not recognizing them until someone else points it out. If you’ve been yo-yo dieting for years now, now is the time to correct those mistakes. Here’s how.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

When you’re hungry, you should eat. But, many people skip breakfast when they’re hungry and only eat when they’re famished. Big mistake. Skipping a meal like this can send your blood sugar into a tizzy. So, if you stop eating at 5PM or 6PM at night, make sure you’re eating breakfast.


Skip Breakfast

Wait. What? You thought you were supposed to eat breakfast? Yes, you are, unless you’re a late-night eater. Some new research confirms that late-night binging can pack on the pounds. But, in the study, researchers found that sticking to an 8-hour eating window was more important than the actual time of the meal.

So, if you like to eat dinner at 8PM, make sure you’re skipping breakfast and use lunch as your first meal of the day (at noon). Of course, you can shift your eating window to an 8AM to 4PM “window.” Just make sure you’re consistent, whatever you do.

If you’re on the fence about which is better for you, use a LifeScan blood glucose meter to test your blood sugar after a meal. Find the “window” that creates the most favorable blood-glucose levels for you, monitor how you feel post-meal, and go from there.


Watch Your Carbs

For some, carbohydrates are the linchpin of a successful diet. Specifically, cutting them down to a more reasonable portion size is key to losing weight. You don’t have to go full Atkins, but reducing dietary intake of carbs until the scale starts moving could be just what you need to lose those excess pounds.

If you want to actually lose weight quickly, you might consider eliminating carbs all together and do the Dukan Diet. I lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks on The Dukan Diet! Read more about that here.


Include Multiple Types Of Exercise

Most people only do one type of exercise: aerobics. And, while running is certainly one way to ramp up your metabolism, it’s not the only way. In fact, it can be quite inefficient. Weightlifting, on the other hand, burns through glycogen stores very quickly, because you have to expend a lot of energy moving heavy weights, and that’s the key. You have to move heavy (for you) weights to burn up energy (and fat).

A good program, like Starting Strength, will get you going with easy-to-learn moves that you can do in almost any gym.

As for the cardio, switch it up a bit. Try walking with a weight-vest on, try walking, try running, try swimming or rowing. Get off the stairmaster and actually climb a flight of stairs. Go hiking in the woods, or get a bike.

Use the seasons to guide you. In the winter, go ice skating or skiing. In the summer, take up boating (rowing). The sky’s the limit. You can do this.


Theresa Nelson is a health club worker of many years. She likes to help others get healthy at work and by writing online. You can find her helpful and informative articles mostly on lifestyle, health and fitness websites and blogs.



Modern Jewelry Display and Storage Ideas


Jewelry, worn by ancient Egyptians, remains popular today. Considering the number of entrepreneurs using online platforms and young children fashioning their own items from tape, glitter, and common items, jewelry is more popular than ever.

However, as those who love necklaces, bracelets, and chains know, having a number of items creates a tangled mess unless managed. Consider the following diy display and storage ideas for personal or commercial display of jewelry.


Tea Cups

Jewelry lovers have no problem collecting items, yet more chains create more tangles. However, ornate cups present an aesthetic solution for those who need to separate bracelets from earrings, necklaces, etc. Cups of various colors, styles, and sizes make it easy to remember where and how items are stored and sorted.


Pegboard Art

Detectives, teachers, bakers, and other professionals use pegboards to keep track of tiny details and a myriad of small papers, ideas, etc. Use a pegboard to maintain and organize necklaces, chains, earrings, scarves and other fashion items. Depending on number of items and afforded space, one could transform an entire wall to a functional piece of artwork. Why hide expensive and ornate jewels and clothing when such articles double as art pieces? Visit for added creative storage ideas and needs.


Tangle-Free Travel

Fashion mavens and jewelry salespeople alike use a simple trick to ensure items stay untangled during travel. Lay a piece of bubble wrap out on a table, assorting items across the surface. Roll the wrap and place in your suitcase for easy and tangle-free travel. Simply unwrap upon landing at your destination without need to worry about tangles!


Cake Display

Like taking candy from a baby, storage and display ideas are everywhere, including bake shops, candy stores, and electronics storefronts. Bakers use tiers to display candies, cookies, and pastries, combining the art of cooking with marketing. Additionally, a number of small shelves to feature jewelry resemble the decorative actions of shoe vendors with walls of product.


Gamed Storage

One Pinterest user showed off creativity by posting pictures of jewelry positioned throughout a Jenga set. For those who forget, Jenga was a popular game using a number of small wooden pieces to build upward or eventually topple over. The pieces, unevenly spaced, serve as a unique and clever way to hang bracelets, earrings, chains, and more.


Fashion Figures

To counter her boyfriend’s penchant for 80’s action figures, one woman used the boyish figurines to feature her bracelets, bangles, and hair ornaments. Use a family member, friend, or boyish boyfriend’s love of action figures to arrange and order your fashion elements.


Knob Possibilities

Those with an eye for detail, notice small room implements, like doorknobs. Otherwise used to open and close doors, knobs, leveraged by jewelry lovers, organize and store items on the wall. Attach knobs to a pegboard or a wall stud for a sturdy and dependable method of displaying chains, earrings, etc.

Maintaining a tangled mess wastes time and the value of jewelry. Use the above methods to feature and order the ever-accumulating number of chains, bangles, bracelets, etc.


Guest Blogger: Karina Davis admits to having a huge jewelry collection of her own. An avid blogger, she loves to share her insights with others by posting on the web. You can read her informative articles on a variety of websites and blogs today.


Get In Shape With Obstacle Course Racing

It’s time to get in shape ladies! Don’t fail at your new year’s fitness resolutions this year. Making working out, exercising and getting into shape FUN with obstacle course racing!

Here is a quick guide to get you started…

The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Racing – Courtesy of

The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Race Training – An infographic by the team at

What are you doing to get into shape this year?

Changing Lives: Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

clearskin1To many people, the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” are interchangeable. The mixing up of terminology exists among medical professionals, too. Many plastic surgeons tend to focus on cosmetic surgery while still describing the nature of their practice as plastic surgery. It’s no wonder, then, that the public believes that either term means the same thing. Technically, though, there’s a difference.


They exist for different reasons

Plastic surgery is functional medicine: Plastic surgery predates cosmetic surgery. It got its start as a way to help people suffering from disfigurations so that they could regain both a regular appearance and normal function in life. Victims of burn injuries and other accidents and also people who suffer from deformities at birth, both benefit from reconstructive plastic surgery. From breast reconstruction after mastectomy to the repair of cleft palates and scar revisions, plastic surgeons help patients with problems that are debilitating in nature.

Cosmetic surgery is aesthetic medicine: Some cosmetic surgeons begin their careers as plastic surgeons. To enter the field of cosmetic surgery and help people achieve aesthetic improvements to features that are already normal, they accept further training in aesthetic and cosmetic surgical skills. Not all cosmetic surgeons have primary training in plastic surgery, though. Cosmetic surgeons often come from a number of different medical backgrounds. They accept training in the procedures that they wish to specialize in — breast enhancement or augmentation, facial enhancement, body contouring and so on — before entering practice.


Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are overseen by different trade bodies

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery require different forms of training. The American Board of Plastic Surgery oversees professionals in six different categories, cosmetic surgery being only one of them. Cosmetic surgeons have the choice of being overseen by either this body or the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery that specializes only in surgery for aesthetic reasons.


Surgeons receive different types of training for each specialization

To gain board certification in plastic surgery, a physician needs to complete a residency in general surgery, and then go through a program in plastic surgery for a further two years before practicing. Most residency programs specialize in areas such as trauma surgery, reconstruction surgery or congenital defect repair. Some surgeons choose cosmetic surgery. Such plastic surgeons tend to only have limited exposure to this side of their craft.

When you see that a doctor wears the title of board-certified plastic surgeon, then, it should tell you that he or she has a plenty of training in plastic or reconstructive surgery, but very little in aesthetic cosmetic surgery.


Certified cosmetic surgeons have more specific training

Cosmetic surgeons have far more specialized training in achieving aesthetic results than board-certified plastic surgeons. During their year-long fellowship training, cosmetic surgeons receive intense exposure to every cosmetic surgery procedure — something that plastic surgeons do not have the benefit of. They are also required to perform at least 300 cosmetic surgery procedures prior to receiving certification.  Such concentrated training is important to achieving aesthetically pleasing results. If you have a choice, you should always take a cosmetic procedure to a cosmetic surgeon.

You do need to be aware, though, that in many parts of the country, cosmetic surgeons use the same interchangeable terminology as consumers do in order to better be able to connect with them. Advertisements for plastic surgery in Sacramento and other parts of California, for instance, are often actually by cosmetic surgeons specializing in aesthetic surgery.

It’s important to keep choice of terminology in mind while looking for the right surgical skills for the procedure that you have in mind.


GUEST BLOGGER: Shelly Ward is a retired office manager for a dermatologist. She likes to research and write about topics that will help others by posting on the web. Look for her helpful and interesting articles on various websites and blog sites today.