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The Modern Fashionistas Packing Mini-Guide for a Cruise Holiday

Beach chair and umbrella on idyllic tropical sand beach. No noise, clean, extremely detailed 3d render. Concept for rest, relaxation, holidays, spa, resort design.

It’s about time for a cruise vacation, a tan, and planning your wardrobe for on and off-deck affairs. Of course, it would be more than ideal to take the entire closet but you’ll have to make due with a limited number of suitcases, dresses, swimsuits, shoes, etc. Don’t fret but keep a close eye on […]

Top Back to Basics Trends for Summer 2015

Top Back to Basics Trends for Summer 2015 by thehousewife   It’s all very well taking a look at holiday fashion and the best items for a night out, but most of us will be spending much of the summer having a bit of down time. With this in mind, what are the best casual […]

The Ideal Body Weight Might Be A Matter Of Shrinkage (That Is, Go See One)


If you think about it, there are really two ways to reach your ideal weight. You can strictly work on diet and exercise and leave the rest alone. Or you can go to a therapist and try psychoanalysis. In other words, you could try to shrink by yourself or you could go to see a […]

Beauty, History and More: Antique Jewellery Offers Heirlooms and Love

Different Types Of Vintage Antique Rings

We always look for ways to express love and affection. Of course, nothing beats a meaningful “I love you,” punctuated with a kiss or a hug. Still, you cannot discount the glory, beauty, and depth of an antique piece of jewellery – a unique piece of wearable historical art. When my brother finally told me […]