Trend Alert: Printed Leggings For Spring

printed leggings


Trendy leggings are coming back in a big way, and these versatile clothes can look great on any body type. Here are some tips to integrate leggings into your body’s shape and personal style.

  1. Choose leggings that fit well. Too tight or too loose, neither is flattering to any shape. Avoid ‘one size fits all’ leggings because one size absolutely does not fit all, and you will likely be disappointed with the outcome. Better to say no entirely. You should be able to sit and walk comfortably, without much stretch in the fabric. If there is too much stretch, pick a larger size.
  2. Length is also a consideration, as which you choose will accent your legs in various ways. The four main lengths are: knee-length, capri-length, ankle-length or stirrup. Capri and knee are generally considered to be spring and summer wear, but your height and body type are really the more important considerations. Shorter girls might want to avoid knee length as the mid-calf cut off can give the impression of being even shorter than you actually are. Pick a length that accentuates the best parts of your lower half. It’s all about proportions, so try some lengths and see what looks best to you.
  3. If you’re curvy and worried that leggings will be unflattering, feel free to pick a darker, more slimming color like black or brown (such as these Essential Leggings from rue21), as light colors may make your bottom half look heavier. This does not preclude fun printed leggings, however; if you love them but are feeling self-conscious, pair the leggings with a mini-dress or a tunic that covers your bottom. A pretty, slim belt around your middle will give definition to your curves. Confidence is key, so do what feels right for you and your comfort level.
  4. The right top and footwear can make all the difference. An oversized boyfriend shirt or bulky sweater can provide volume to balance out the tightness of the bottoms. Bust out your cowboy boots or ballet flats to complete the ensemble, and a whole range of lovely new outfits is born.

What is your favorite way to wear leggings?

Get Fit For Spring With New Workout Clothes

The importance of choosing the correct clothing for your workout cannot be overstated, as it can make the difference between exercise becoming a healthy habit and it being just another unfulfilled goal. Feeling good while you work out can serve as motivation to keep going. Here are some tips to keep you looking and feeling your best while you integrate exercise into your everyday patterns.

SB305_AhoyRedFlame_2Exercise is predicated on repetitive movements, so choosing clothes that fit well and are crafted from appropriate fabrics is very important. Rough or stiff fabrics can chafe or irritate your skin; during a particularly rigorous workout this can cause abrasions or even injuries that require medical attention. Choose fabrics that pull moisture away from your skin so that sweat evaporates outside the garment without being absorbed and retained in the clothing, making it damp and uncomfortable.  Cotton is light and breathes well, but does tend to absorb sweat, so synthetic blends such as nylon or acrylic tend to great the best balance of functionality and comfort for the price.

Cut and fit of clothing is also important. Workout pants in specific receive the most vigorous movement, so consider spending a little more for that area to ensure that they will last as long as you need them to, and to avoid painful groin area chafing. Choose clothing that fits well but isn’t too tight, to avoid constriction and blood flow problems, but also isn’t too loose, so it won’t fall down when you most need coverage. Pants that are too long are a hazard for being caught underfoot, which can result in falling or injury. Consider these yoga pants, loose fitting for the full range of movement throughout the leg, but cuffed at the bottom for support. For women, discomfort from an ill-fitted sports bra can cause chafing or constriction. A high quality sports bra (like this Stamina Bra from online sportswear retailer Sweaty Betty) is a good place to invest, to insure you get the most out of your workout. When you try on bras at the store, move your arms and legs to ensure that the bras don’t pinch or rub at any point in your full range of motion.

A new set of workout clothes can really serve to keep your spirits up when beginning a new regimen, so be sure to pick the best you can for what you can afford.

The tarte summer 2014 Collection is here!!!!!

It’s seriously no secret that I’m in love with tarte. Their new summer 2014 collection is absolutely to die for. From luscious lip gloss to utterly perfect finishing powder, I’m 100000% head over heels for this hotttt pink collection.


To start with, we have the Amazonian Clay Pressed Finishing Powder. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about this powder at first. I’m so used to finishing powders that make me look more washed out than I already am. Such wasn’t the case with this lovely powder. It perfectly helped to contour my face and to get rid of the oily spots around my t-zone. It comes out really easily, so do be careful when it comes to tapping the container, but it’s so worth the money.


Omg, do not get me started on the Lip Surgence lip gloss. It’s so luscious and makes your lips look oh-so plump and sparkly. The wide variety of colors gives you so many options to choose from. I’ve been keeping a few on my desk, in my purse, and scattered across my bathroom so I always have one on hand for a touch up.


The Fresh Eyes Makeup Remover Wipes I had an eyeful of eyeliner and blue eyeshadow the other night, and daaang these wipes came in handy. Not only do they smell amazing (seriously, am I the only one who hates the fake, chemical smelling wipes?), but they took my makeup off in two swipes with only a few dabs at my lower lash line to get the last streaks of eyeliner off. They do leave you face feeling a wee bit oily, but if they take my makeup off in two swipes? Totally worth it.

Just go, go check out the entire summer 2014 collection for yourself!

I received product in exchange for featuring this collection, but all opinions are mine and I didn’t receive any momentary compensation.

Study Raises Doubts about Nicotine Patches for Pregnant Women


We have long known about the dangers of smoking while pregnant. In fact, the medical community has spent decades trying to convince expectant mothers to give up the habit for the sake of their children. As an alternative, doctors have been urging pregnant women to switch to the nicotine patch in hopes that they will quit smoking or, at least during pregnancy, refrain from it. Unfortunately, recent research shows that effort may all be in vain.

The French study, which was published in the British Medical Journal, shows two disturbing trends: the nicotine patch did not help expectant mothers quit and, more importantly, it led to increased risk of hypertension. That’s not good for either the mother or her unborn baby.

The study further showed that the nicotine patch did not reduce nicotine cravings, the number of tobacco cigarettes expectant mothers smoked, or the severity of withdrawal symptoms experienced by those women who made an honest attempt to quit. Most of the women who relapsed did so within two weeks of beginning nicotine patch therapy.

E-Cigarettes May Be Worth a Try

Pregnant women who truly want to stop smoking, either temporarily or permanently, might want to consider the electronic cigarette. Although the evidence is not yet conclusive, a very comprehensive study out of New Zealand shows the alternative tobacco products are helpful for some people who want to quit. The results of the study were published last autumn by the Addictive Behaviors journal.

Among the study’s many surprising results were the following two, deemed most important:

• among those who had already completely transitioned from smoking to vaping, only 6% had relapsed to tobacco after one year
• among dual users of both products, 46% managed to completely transition to vaping within one year.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘vaping’, it is a word used to describe the process of using an electronic cigarette. The term was chosen because users are not inhaling smoke, they are inhaling vapour. When a person transitions completely from smoking to vaping, he or she is, in essence, no longer a smoker. They are now a vaper.

There is no telling for sure whether electronic cigarettes will work for the vast majority of pregnant women trying to quit. Nevertheless, the evidence suggests it is at least worth trying the products. Vaping certainly does not appear to be any worse than using the nicotine patch and common sense suggests it is probably much safer than smoking.

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How to Effectively Mix Strength and Endurance Training

strength training

If what you want is great strength and impressive musculature, you need to work out with heavy lifting. Endurance training, on the other hand, offers you the ability to answer to strenuous, low-intensity demands on your strength for extended periods of time. In truth, though, most people aren’t interested in just one kind of ability. They want to look good, possess a moderate amount of strength and be able to get into a basketball game or play with their children without appearing weak.

A few facts about what happens when you try both at the same time!

It can be difficult to train concurrently for both strength and endurance. It is well-known that a certain interference phenomenon gets in the way. If you lift weights and do endurance exercises at the same time, you don’t see much muscle gain.

Sports researchers have been studying ways to get better results doing both strength and endurance training at the same time. They’ve come up with the following findings.

• Concurrent training can actually help improve your endurance. It does tend to interfere with muscle growth, though.
• Doing high-intensity weight training together with hard aerobics can trigger the production of an enzyme that effectively burns fat.
• Endurance training with sprints and other aerobics doesn’t cause you to lose existing muscle mass.
• The more endurance training you take up, the less strength you will have, muscle mass notwithstanding.


For the average all-rounder who needs strength, muscle mass and also endurance…

You should start out with a light warm-up: Since training concurrently for endurance and strength can continuously stress your muscles by making them flex and contract, it’s important to warm them up ahead of a workout. Light stretches and flexes are the ideal way to warm up. You should be sure to target every muscle group with lunges, bends and toe touches.

Start your weight training with an exercise band: Exercise bands offer resistance training – the thicker the band, the more resistance it offers. The best way to get your body into resistance training is to start off with a thin band and to progressively raise resistance with larger bands. These help build both strength and endurance.

Bring in free weights for upper body strength: When you need your exercise routine to give you both strength and endurance, you need to be reasonable with your weight training, keeping your weights low and performing no more than 10 reps in each set.

Building strength and endurance together requires that you train your heart and circulatory system for stamina. You need to make sure that you don’t rest more than a minute between sets. This should ensure that your heart rate is kept elevated. Exercises with free weights include squats, bench presses and curls.

Try a few bodyweight routines for both speed and strength: Learning three or four different bodyweight exercise routines can help you get a workout even when you don’t have the time to go to the gym. You can try jumps, dips and push-ups among other exercises (you can find equipment online at

Build a few aerobic exercises into your workout: Sprints and a 3-mile run three times each week can be an excellent way to build up endurance. You can mix and match your aerobic exercises too. You should perform as many push-ups as you can, rest no more than a minute after and then set off on your 3 mile run.


Whatever you do, make sure that you constantly surprise your body!

Fitness experts recommend fitness strategies that surprise your body by constantly varying the intensity of your workout during a 7-day cycle. You need to stress your body to different levels each day. Using this strategy with the exercise routines above should get your body to respond quickly to the stresses that you place it under.

GUEST BLOGGER: Robert Vincent is a personal trainer with a knack for keeping workouts interesting and effective. When not coaching clients, he enjoys blogging about his techniques to inspire others to a healthier lifestyle.