Give the Gift of Variety with Kat Von D!!

I’ve had my eye on Kat Von D’s cosmetic line from Sephora for a long time now! While a body wash or a lip gloss is a great gift, consider giving the gift of variety with one of these great palettes or the lip gloss set?

Metal Orchestra, $34

The newest of Kat’s palettes, I adore all the rich blue shades in this baby!

Beethoven, $34

This is a great day-to-night palette, as the middle shades are suitable for a quick pastel look, but the outer shades will vamp it up for a night out!

Ludwig, $34

For the neutral lover, this is a great way to spice things up without leaping out of the comfort zone! I’m loving the olive shadows!

And last but not least, the oh-so-sexy Lightning Lipgloss Mini Set for $26. They totally remind me of the coveted MAC Dazzleglasses-except with a nicer price tag!