Basic Baptism and Christening Etiquette for Everyone



Every step you make before, during, and after the christening of your child reflects on your reverence in the ceremony. You need to know who to invite, what to wear, how to go about the entire process, and how to act. If you’ve never done this before, here’s what you need to know.


The Ceremony

The ceremony itself is a religious one where your child will be “adopted” into the Church. This ceremony usually involves the dipping of the baby’s head in water, or pouring of water over the baby’s head. It usually occurs at the end of church service and friends and relatives may join in the service. It’s common to host a get-together after the ceremony and invite the priest, though this is not absolutely necessary.


The Dress

Your baby or child will wear one of several christening gowns depending on whether it’s a boy or girl being christened and how old he or she is. If the child will be fully immersed in water, it will also be necessary to have a towel handy. Usually, the preferred color for everything the child wears is white.

It’s a good idea for you to dress conservatively too. Women should wear knee-length or longer skirts, a dress, and a formal top. Sometimes, formal slacks and a blouse are acceptable too.

Men should wear more formal clothes as well, but can get by with slacks, a button down, and a sport coat or blazer. A tie is For a more conservative approach, men should wear a suit.


Contacting The Church

Contact the church in advance to plan for the ceremony. It doesn’t have to be several months in advance, but the sooner the better – your church may have special events being held at the church for several Sundays in a row. Speaking with your pastor in advance will also let you become familiar with the process before it happens. Your pastor can teach you what the ceremony is all about, how he or she will conduct it, and what your responsibilities are.


Who To Invite

It’s common to invite friends and family members – especially close friends. But, really, this is a personal event, so you should invite those whom you feel especially close to. It’s expected that you will choose Godparents. Godparents serve as spiritual advisors to the child throughout his or her life. They are chosen by you and are usually either especially close relatives or friends.



It’s not necessary to buy gifts, and guests need not buy them for the ceremony. If they do buy them, common gifts include silver spoon or place setting, a silver cup, or a silver photo frame. You may also choose to give something to the godparents you’ve chosen, however it doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It doesn’t have to be anything at all, in fact.

And, while the priest won’t expect anything in return, a financial contribution to the church is often appreciated.


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Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costumes

Looking great for that Halloween party or even walking around with the kiddos doesn’t have to be difficult–or expensive.

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, Halloween stores are fun, but incredibly costly. What is the point of being a fairy if I’m having to pay forty dollars and up for a single costume that likely won’t be reused? Since then, I have had the fun of learning some easy, inexpensive DIY Halloween tricks.


There is no reason to waste money on cheap face paint and Halloween-brand make up when you can use what you already have. Lipstick can easily become fake blood stains, lip liner turns into jagged scars, and a little bit of eye shadow and foundation and quickly turn you into a dirty zombie or a mermaid straight out of a fairy tale.

Whether you want to take the makeup a bit freestyle or look up some of the amazing costume makeup tutorials on the internet (there are some really creative ones to be found on both YouTube and Pinterest), using already owned makeup can offer the same results that all of those fancy makeup packets at your local Halloween store would get you.

Costumes in your closet

No, I’m not talking about last year’s costume. With a little creativity, just about anything in your closet can be turned into a costume. A long, black dress can help you become the lovely Morticia. A sequin covered skirt could be the start of a beautiful mermaid’s tail. You could even dress up that plaid shirt to become the zombie of a once-innocent farm girl.

With a starting point as simple as your closet, buying extra bits and bobbles to add to or alter your costume can help make it very inexpensive to pull off.

If what you are looking for can’t be found in your closet, thrift stores often have pieces that may work for what you are looking to achieve–or even cheap, pre-owned costumes.

Out of the box ideas

When it comes to Halloween, getting a little crazy is perfectly acceptable. Whether your idea of being out of the box involves using a box (cardboard is excellent for creating fake wings of all sorts, by the way) or replacing the wigs for teased hair and hair spray, there is an unlimited wealth of costume ideas out there. Don’t be afraid to use objects from around your home.

Albeit, putting Nutella on your face may be a bad idea no matter how wonderful it tastes.

What are you going as for Halloween? Share it with me down in the comments below!

Hold a Game of Thrones Photo Shoot Like a Pro

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So you want to play Game of Thrones dress up and have a photo shoot? Easier said than done. But, it’s not impossible. You’ll need to have a high-quality camera, some amazing costumes, some willing friends or family, and patience. Here’s how to put it all together.


Get a Nice Editing Program


For editing, you’re probably looking at top-of-the-line software like Adobe Lightroom. You can also use programs like GIMP if you’re really good with that software and know how to manipulate images. If you use a PC, you can also try, though it may be less capable of doing images the way you want them.


Gather Your Cast Of Characters


Gather up your friends, and start discussing costumes. You’ll want to at least have neckwear, although you won’t necessarily need to go all-out with full costumes if you’re doing just head shots. If you are doing full body shots, obviously the costume will be a necessity.


Go Shopping


Next comes shopping. If you’re doing more than a head shot, you’ll need to round up some costumes. Here, you have a lot of choices. Going with period pieces will make things look the most authentic, but it’s also the most expensive route. You can buy halloween costumes, but there may be a continuity or authentication problem (some costumes look a little fake or cheesy).


Something like a Margaery Tyrell costume, complete with a Margaery Tyrell crown, can be done pretty simply and cheaply. But, a Jon Snow costume is a little more difficult to pull off, if only because of the chainmail, the fur, and sword.


If you do decide to go shopping online, is a good place to start. It has a lot of authentic period pieces that are worn at Renaissance festivals. They don’t have everything you might need, but it’s one of the few places you can pick up authentic shoes and pants – items that are not easily found elsewhere.


Another good resource is the Central Coast Renaissance Festival’s website. The organization maintains information about its own festival, but it also gives you some ideas about how to put together cheap and easy costumes that would, coincidentally, be ideal for a GOT shoot.


Using Good Cameras and Lighting


Get a decent 3 or 4-point lighting system. This will make editing a lot easier, and you’ll be able to define shadows just the way you want them without editing tools. Ultimately, shadowing directly in the image will yield much better results than trying to add it in after the fact, and it will be much easier for you to edit the picture.


Choose a good camera, preferably a DSLR, and a Nikkor (or similar) lens. Don’t mess around with the optics – go with a Carl Zeiss lens. Because you’ll be doing close-ups, you only need something like a 50mm – 200mm lens. Of course, a tripod, or some stabilization equipment is a must.


The quality of your equipment will really drive the final result.


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Unusual Uses For Shoes



Fall Fashion 2014 Color Trends

fall fashion color trends 2014

The change in trends can be so expensive when you have to dish out cash on new pieces each season to keep up. However, one cheaper alternative to keep up with the Jones’s is by staying up to date with which colors are trending each season. Take the mothballs out of the closet, ladies! You could be wearing what you already have.


We’ll be pulling out more orange than the pumpkins this fall! While muted oranges have always been a fall favorite of mine, the orange life is definitely taking over this season. Whether you’re rocking a bright, citrus pop of color or going for a more toned down look, you can’t go too wrong with a well placed touch of orange this fall.

Besides, it’s a great way to make your casual outfit look a little more fun.


I’ve always thought of red as a wonderful color for the cooler weather. You don’t just fit in with the changing scenery–you stand out. If you really want to pack a punch this season, ditch the little black dress for a sexy red shade instead.

When it comes to dressing up, a muted red is one of my favorite ways to go. It’s bold, daring, and utterly darling.


No one under 21 here. Just kidding! Whether you’re looking for a top with a little pizzazz, a gorgeous new pair of jeans, or an accent piece with a pop of color, the wine family is the perfect place to go this fall.

Personally, I’m in love with this color. It practically dresses itself up. Besides, not much beats a wine colored scarf on a black and white striped top.


Unleash your inner little girl! If you’re going for a softer touch this fall, you’re in luck. Pastels are in, giving us a wide range of light and simple colors to choose from. Bold looks are amazing, but there is a lot to be said for how chic pastel can be.

I love lighter clothes and I rarely wear them during the fall season. This year I’m definitely going to be mixing some pastels into my mostly dark wardrobe.


Blues are so versatile and provide a wide range of shades to choose from. Mixing and matching with the other colors on the list isn’t hard at all!

I was honestly shocked when I found out that blues were trending this fall, though. I can’t say that I’m displeased, but when I think of fall, my mind automatically goes for all of the warm colors. It’s nice to see that things are shaking up a bit!


Grays are, by far, one of my favorite parts about this season. From knits to wraps, skinny jeans to silky blouses, almost anything you want to wear can be found in a gray shade. Not to mention, it’s another really versatile color that can be matched with many of the colors on this list.

Me? I’m going to be rocking my gray skinny jeans all season.

What about you? What colors are you going to be rocking this season? Let me know in the comments below!