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Beauty, History and More: Antique Jewellery Offers Heirlooms and Love

Different Types Of Vintage Antique Rings

We always look for ways to express love and affection. Of course, nothing beats a meaningful “I love you,” punctuated with a kiss or a hug. Still, you cannot discount the glory, beauty, and depth of an antique piece of jewellery – a unique piece of wearable historical art. When my brother finally told me […]

Are Vaporizers The Latest Fashion Accessory?


Vaporizers are nothing new. Vaporizers being cool? That’s a little new. E-cigs and vaporizers have spent a long time in the periphery of pop culture, often being seeing as more gag than fad. But vapes may be riding a wave of recent popularity right into trendiness. More and more smokers have been making the switch […]

How to Properly Launder Your Lingerie


If you read The Fashionable Gal‘s recent post, “How Many Bras Should You Own?” and you went out and bought one for each category, you probably have at least six new, frilly pieces to choose from on any given day. At this point, you’ve probably mastered which pieces go best with what outfits, and your […]