Get In Shape With Obstacle Course Racing

It’s time to get in shape ladies! Don’t fail at your new year’s fitness resolutions this year. Making working out, exercising and getting into shape FUN with obstacle course racing!

Here is a quick guide to get you started…

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The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Race Training – An infographic by the team at

What are you doing to get into shape this year?

Changing Lives: Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

clearskin1To many people, the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” are interchangeable. The mixing up of terminology exists among medical professionals, too. Many plastic surgeons tend to focus on cosmetic surgery while still describing the nature of their practice as plastic surgery. It’s no wonder, then, that the public believes that either term means the same thing. Technically, though, there’s a difference.


They exist for different reasons

Plastic surgery is functional medicine: Plastic surgery predates cosmetic surgery. It got its start as a way to help people suffering from disfigurations so that they could regain both a regular appearance and normal function in life. Victims of burn injuries and other accidents and also people who suffer from deformities at birth, both benefit from reconstructive plastic surgery. From breast reconstruction after mastectomy to the repair of cleft palates and scar revisions, plastic surgeons help patients with problems that are debilitating in nature.

Cosmetic surgery is aesthetic medicine: Some cosmetic surgeons begin their careers as plastic surgeons. To enter the field of cosmetic surgery and help people achieve aesthetic improvements to features that are already normal, they accept further training in aesthetic and cosmetic surgical skills. Not all cosmetic surgeons have primary training in plastic surgery, though. Cosmetic surgeons often come from a number of different medical backgrounds. They accept training in the procedures that they wish to specialize in — breast enhancement or augmentation, facial enhancement, body contouring and so on — before entering practice.


Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are overseen by different trade bodies

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery require different forms of training. The American Board of Plastic Surgery oversees professionals in six different categories, cosmetic surgery being only one of them. Cosmetic surgeons have the choice of being overseen by either this body or the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery that specializes only in surgery for aesthetic reasons.


Surgeons receive different types of training for each specialization

To gain board certification in plastic surgery, a physician needs to complete a residency in general surgery, and then go through a program in plastic surgery for a further two years before practicing. Most residency programs specialize in areas such as trauma surgery, reconstruction surgery or congenital defect repair. Some surgeons choose cosmetic surgery. Such plastic surgeons tend to only have limited exposure to this side of their craft.

When you see that a doctor wears the title of board-certified plastic surgeon, then, it should tell you that he or she has a plenty of training in plastic or reconstructive surgery, but very little in aesthetic cosmetic surgery.


Certified cosmetic surgeons have more specific training

Cosmetic surgeons have far more specialized training in achieving aesthetic results than board-certified plastic surgeons. During their year-long fellowship training, cosmetic surgeons receive intense exposure to every cosmetic surgery procedure — something that plastic surgeons do not have the benefit of. They are also required to perform at least 300 cosmetic surgery procedures prior to receiving certification.  Such concentrated training is important to achieving aesthetically pleasing results. If you have a choice, you should always take a cosmetic procedure to a cosmetic surgeon.

You do need to be aware, though, that in many parts of the country, cosmetic surgeons use the same interchangeable terminology as consumers do in order to better be able to connect with them. Advertisements for plastic surgery in Sacramento and other parts of California, for instance, are often actually by cosmetic surgeons specializing in aesthetic surgery.

It’s important to keep choice of terminology in mind while looking for the right surgical skills for the procedure that you have in mind.


GUEST BLOGGER: Shelly Ward is a retired office manager for a dermatologist. She likes to research and write about topics that will help others by posting on the web. Look for her helpful and interesting articles on various websites and blog sites today.


Budget Friendly Tips To Give Your Living Room a Makeover


Most family entertainment and guest visits take place in the living room. However, you haven’t given the space tender loving care in years. Aside from outdated artwork and tattered pillows, there is not much to offer the wandering eye.

It’s time for a makeover and to make better impressions on the family and visitors. Within the next twenty-four hours, your living room will look completely new.

Add Throw Pillows

Take a trip to the fabric store and search for pre-made decorative sacks you can fill with cotton balls or other allergen-free filler. Alternatively, choose covers for existing pillows. Decorative pillows can be expensive; so, just buying the ornate covers can save you a substantial amount of money.

Look in stores like Home Goods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for good deals on trendy throw pillows. You can also find budget friendly pillow covers on sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon, like this Decorbox Linen Octopus Pillow Cover for only $4.99…

throw pillow covers

Get Seasonal

Regardless of where you live or time of the year, there’s always cause to celebrate something! Whether it’s Christmas season or football season, use the time of year and events as inspiration to dress the interior. Use dark, bold colors in the fall and light, airy colors in the summer to pay tribute to the changing seasons and stay consistent with your current room design. We recommend neutral colors for the walls and furniture so it’s easy to change your home decor whenever your mood strikes!

Add Space

If the cost of furniture implements or artwork is an issue, add space to the room by creating distance between the couch and the television or the end tables and chairs. It’s a clever way to do more with less. Moreover, a cluttered living room attracts greater amounts of dust and is harder to maintain.

You can add visual space to smaller rooms by adding mirrors and choosing light colors for the wall and furniture. White makes any room feel bigger and brighter.

Use Memories

Rather than expensive artwork, use memories as your wall decorations. Frame a portion of the wall with a border and begin adding high-quality photos. If you don’t have a high-end printer, save digital pictures in a file and visit a local Staples or Kinkos. Alternatively, throw a ‘redesign party’ and ask attendants to bring small wall decorations to hang on the wall. Friends can help decorate as well as supply lasting relics in your living room.

Forget the Sofa

Sofas are the most cumbersome and expensive pieces of a living room set. However, there’s no reason to own one at all. Sure, family members and visitors need to sit, but they can do so on a number of chairs arranged around a large coffee table or several smaller tables to emulate a café theme. Easily rearranging the room is another advantage of owning less heavy furniture items.

Change the Floor

The floor is often overlooked as a design implement. Completely change the feel and theme of a room by bleaching or darkening tiles, introducing wood board of contrasting shades, or using area rugs to create optical illusions across the floor’s surface. You can find affordable area rugs like this quatrefoil print area rug in stores like Target with prices starting at $29!

fretwork quatrefoil area rug

Tie a Ribbon

Ribbons are small yet decorative implements that make a big difference. Mostly reserved for wrapping presents, one can wrap a room in a range of decorative shades with subtle placement of ribbon and trim.

Change the most-attended room of your home. New is interesting, so maintain the interest of visitors and family members with a decorative and alternating living space. Start today, and have a new room by tomorrow!


GUEST BLOGGER: Faith Chan loves to change up her living room every three months or so. An avid writer, she likes to share her ideas with others by posting online. You can read her entertaining posts on a variety of blogs and websites today.


Women and Weight Loss: Why Men Have The Edge in the Battle of the Bulge

weightlossFor years, some have speculated that men and women lose weight at different rates. Well, now there’s scientific research showing that men and women do seem to lose weight differently, with men losing weight faster and easier than women. If you’re still fighting the battle of the bulge, here’s what you need to know…


What The Research Says

Some new research suggests that women have a harder time losing weight than men. Why? Part of it has to do with food preferences, according to Katherine Tallmadge, author of Diet Simple. Men are more likely to eat meat, while women are carb lovers. This doesn’t mean that women are necessarily carboholics or that men never get fat from eating too much fatty meat.

What it means is that men get a leg-up on fat loss because high protein diets make it easier to lose weight. Men tend not to think much about nutrition, but then they do, they tend to do well with it. Their bodies are also storehouses of testosterone. And, nothing makes it easier to lose weight than testosterone (at least, for men).

Men also have larger muscle mass, on average, than women, making it easier for them to lose weight, since muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat.

Finally, there’s the effect of different hormones in the body. In women, a hormone called ghrelin spikes in females after a hard workout. This hormone tells the brain “I’m hungry.” In men, it’s the opposite. Leptin spikes, which tells men “I’m full.”

Because of these hormonal differences, women are more likely to overeat after a workout and gain more weight as a result.


You Need To Train With Heavy Weights

To combat these inherent differences between men and women, you need to train differently. Women tend to be drawn to light weights in the gym. Some even prefer no weightlifting at all – opting for constant cardio. They’re afraid to lift heavy weights because they don’t want to bulk up.

Stop. Women find it almost impossible to bulk regardless of their lifting pattern and routine because they lack the testosterone to do so. And, heavy lifting has repeatedly been shown to build dense muscle, myofibrillar hypertrophy, as opposed to the “bulky” muscles called “sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.”

So, the worst you’ll do is get strong, dense, lean muscle by lifting heavy weights.


Time Your Meals

Other research shines light on meal timing. While many people don’t consider this variable, it’s important, and it’s been shown to affect weight loss. Mice that were fed within an 8-hour window lost more weight than mice that were not. Conclusion? It may help to fast for 16 hours a day and eat for only 8 hours.


dukan made easyFind A Diet That Works

Some diets are easier to stick with than others. Low carb or no carb diets can be the most painful, especially if you are addicted to carbs, however The Dukan Diet is easy to stick with and effective! I lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks on the Dukan Diet and I never felt hungry. I also liked the Dukan Diet because the amount of exercise that is required is easy to stick to and painless to incorporate in most busy schedules.

Check out The Dukan Diet Made Easy on Amazon.


Dealing With The After-Effects

When you lose weight, one of the unfortunate side-effects is that you may experience a decrease in breast size. It’s not something most people talk about. Fortunately, it’s not something you have to live with. If you want to learn more about breast augmentation from a specialist, click here.

And, while it’s not necessary to have breast augmentation, many women find it helps with their self-image and self-esteem. Isn’t that what losing weight is all about?


GUEST BLOGGER: Dr. Kevin Ruhge is a member of the surgical staff at Huntington Hospital, Huntington Outpatient Surgery Center and the Arcadia Outpatient Surgery Center. An experienced plastic surgeon, he believes everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. You can find his informative articles on a variety of today’s best websites and blogs.


Sew Gorgeous: A Beginner’s Guide to Clothes Modification

Img Source:

Img Source:


Be under no illusions, when you’re learning to sew, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to produce something worthy of the Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 collection immediately. Despite what watching RuPaul’s Drag Race might have led you to believe, if you attempt to produce a flawless creation from little more than some cleaning cloths, refuge bags and a hula hoop, you’re going to look more rundown than designer. But invest a little of your time, buy a good sewing machine and stitch before you style, and before you know it, you’ll find a million and one reasons to dredge up your sewing basket on a wintry afternoon.

Earnest hemming ways

From taking up curtains to altering the length of your cotton slacks, this skill might be sewing 101, but hemming is notoriously tough to do well if you don’t know how. Master it, and you’ll look sharp as a needle on every occasion. You’ll need some chalk, a needle and thread colour that matches your garment seamlessly, some pins, scissors and a straight edge. When pinning your hem, do it while the pants are on the body for a perfect line. To avoid seeing the stitches on the outside of the material, sew into the vertical seam allowance to secure in place, and then around the hem evenly, picking only a few threads at a time. When you’ve stitched around the inside of each leg, press the hems with a steam iron from the inside for a beautiful finish.

Preppy patching

Add an elegant touch (and a little longevity) to the elbows or shoulders of tired knitwear with some custom patching. Select your material in a contrasting colour (moleskin, corduroy and velvet are all popular choices). Cut out an oval shape, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, opt for something a little quirky, like a heart or star. Try on the garment, and have someone help you pin the patch into position. Then, sew into place and prepare to rock college professor chic. Geeky glasses entirely optional.

Button up

One of the easiest ways to transform a dull, ready to wear garment is by sewing on some new buttons. Try looking around thrift stores for some quirky, unique styles, and you’ll find some inexpensive gems. Use strong thread, or, in a fix, double-thread your needle, and use a pin as you sew to keep a little give between the button and the surface of the garment. Always secure your work with a few stitches on the reverse to reinforce.