9 Things You Can Do Today to Protect Your Breast Health Tomorrow



We live in an age of breast cancer. About one in eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime, according to The American Cancer Society. This insidious illness has been on the rise for the last two decades. Why? There are a number of reasons. Fortunately, there are ways to modify your diet and lifestyle that will dramatically reduce your risks.


Jack Up Vitamin D Production


There are few hormones as important as vitamin D. This one steroid hormone can dramatically reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. That’s because research shows that women who have breast cancer tend to have low levels of vitamin D in their body. Vitamin D receptors are found on the surface of practically all cells in the human body, especially breast cell tissues.


Vitamin D attaches to these receptors, causing oncogenes to stop growing or even die. This means that cancer never develops in the breast, and it never spreads to other parts of the body. This is largely a preventative measure, however, as no study has confirmed vitamin D as a treatment for cancer. So, your best bet is to get regular vitamin D testing done, and get out in the sun (or take vitamin D supplements).


If you choose to get your vitamin D from the sun, your body will only make it when you expose a large area of it to the sun (without sunblock of course). If your shadow is shorter than you are tall, the sun’s UVB rays, which are responsible for converting cholesterol in your skin to Vitamin D, will hit the Earth at the right angle for you to make vitamin D.


Reduce Stress


Take up yoga, see a masseuse, get romantic partner and start having more sex – do whatever you have to do to reduce the stress in your life. Chronic low-grade stress increases your risk for breast cancer.


Eat Your Vegetables


Vegetables contain phytonutrients, which act as antioxidants. Some of these phytonutrients are also protective against cancers. Unfortunately, most women don’t eat enough veggies and fruit to make a difference. You need roughly 8 to 9 cups of vegetables per day to get the full benefits.

However, don’t let that seemingly daunting task dissuade you. A paltry 3 cups of veggies is better than none. And, 5 cups is better than 3. Opt for variety. Get a good mix of green veggies like kale, chard, spinach, beet greens, and turnip greens. Add in colorful veggies like sweet peppers and beet root and carrots. Don’t forget squash and berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. And, don’t forget to add in sulfurous and cruciferous veggies either – broccoli, garlic, and onions.


Drink Moderately


Alcohol is not only a depressant, it’s immunosuppressive; not good news for protecting yourself from breast cancer. Alcohol may increase damage to DNA in cells. If you find it difficult to cut back on your drinking, you don’t necessarily have to go to alcohol treatment centers to get help, though keep it in the back of your mind as an option. The important thing is to control your drinking and always drink in moderation if you do choose to continue.


Manage Your Weight Without Becoming Underweight


Losing weight is important in managing breast cancer risk. But, it’s more important to focus on body fat percentage. Total weight is relative. So, if you’re 5’0”, a normal weight might be 100 pounds with 15 percent or less body fat. If you’re 5’9”, being 100 pounds would be considered underweight – not good.


Diet and exercise are the most common ways to control weight. But, if you’re having trouble using the usual methods, you might need to have your doctor run a full thyroid panel, micronutrient testing, cortisol testing, and gut pathogen screen to rule out infections and parasites as the cause of your weight problem.


Increase Movement


Moving is important. It’s so important that biomechanist Katy Bowman makes it her mission to teach women all over the world how to walk, run, and move in a way that optimally loads the human skeletal system. She even instructs women on the importance of basic human movements, like the squat.


Get Regular Screenings


Nothing beast regular screenings for breast cancer. Just because you eat right and get a million diagnostics doesn’t mean you’re risk-free for cancer. It takes a day, and you’ll be saving yourself years of pain.


Train With Weights


An interesting new study shows that men who weight train are 40 percent less likely to die from cancer. Why does this matter to you? While the study focused exclusively on men, it illustrates an important point. The benefits were not exclusively hormonal. Part of the benefit of weight training is that you become stronger.


As a woman, you don’t make enough endogenous testosterone to get big and bulky. But, you do possess the right mix of hormones to get incredibly strong. And, weight training may help you control your weight, which will help you decrease your risk for breast cancer.


There’s also some interesting research concerning weight training in subjects who have already had cancer – bottom line is that weight training helps protect against muscle-wasting. The time to prepare that body of yours, however, is now.


Stop Smoking


This should be obvious, but smoking is positively correlated with all sorts of health problems – cancer is one of them. Stop smoking, and start the healing process.


Kevin Martel has focused his long medical career on women’s health concerns. With many years of experience and extensive research, he frequently writes about ways to tackle many common issues and worrisome topics on a variety of women’s health and wellness blogs.

How To Master A New Skill In One Day!


Infographic Source: http://youtubedownload.altervista.org/

How to Clean a Chest of Drawers with Ease

img src: stylishlife.co.uk

img src: stylishlife.co.uk

In most homes, storage space is indeed a commodity and there are various methods to store valuable or functional objects. A chest of drawers is a great home accessory for keeping books, clothes, toys and other household items packed away. As you may suspect, the drawers themselves can become dirty over time. Whether this occurs from an accumulation of dust, as a result of the items inside or even from the presence of moths, cleaning these handy nooks should never be overlooked. In general, it is a good idea to examine a dresser every few months for any debris that may have settled inside. Cleaning them is quite easy.

Vacuuming Away Loose Material

After removing any items, use a vacuum with an attachment hose and brush to suck up any dirt that is visible. Avoid using a steam cleaner, as the steam will warp the wood inside. You may find that it is difficult to access the corners of the drawers. Your vacuum should come with a tube that is narrowed at one end which can be attached to the end of the hose. This is the best option to choose.

Wiping Away Excess Dust

After the major debris has been removed, it is likely that a thin (and even invisible) layer of dust will still remain. You can use a terry cloth (a cloth that is used to polish a car) in this case. Also, a clean rag with a slight amount of warm water can do the trick. However, use caution when applying this rag; especially if the dresser is an antique. As mentioned in regards to the steam cleaner, you risk warping the interior wood.

Purchase Contact Paper

Once the dirt has been removed, you can choose to place contact paper along the bottom and sides of the drawers. As there are a great many types of dressers, purchase a large roll. This paper will provide a sanitary barrier between the items inside and the wood.

With a bit of preparation, it is very easy to clean a chest of drawers. This will provide extra life to the entire unit will preserving any objects that are contained within.

7 Tips to Get the Look Right for a Black-Tie Party


image source

For most women, dressing up for a ‘black-tie’ affair is a daunting task. You are confused about whether you need to go for a floor-length gown or wear that new favorite of yours, the cocktail dress you recently purchased.

‘Black-tie’ events usually start after 6 pm and require men to come dressed in smart tuxedos. Though the attire for ladies is not specified, it is pertinent you wear something that goes with the nature of the function.

Here are a few tips for you to make dressing up for the gala easier.


1. A Long Gown Is My Only Option?

Long and dressy gowns used to be customary, but that’s no longer the case. If you are not particularly a ‘gown person’ or are not interested in purchasing a gown for a one-off occasion, a beautiful cocktail dress can perfectly serve your purpose.

Make sure your dress is capable of holding its own in a formal gathering comprising mainly men in tuxedoes and women in gowns. If you are confident on that count, rest assured your cocktail dress will work fine.

Dressy separates like a beautiful silk top and a long satin skirt also look great for formal evenings, but many etiquette experts advise them for ‘black-tie optional’ events only.

Also, there are a few rules you may do well to abide by. Your dress should not be too revealing and the cocktail dress should ideally not have a too high a hemline.

2. What Color Should You Go For?

Ankle-length gowns look beautiful in light and pastel shades. Gowns have a very flattering and inherently dressy silhouette, so you can keep the colors toned down.

Peach, cream, pale pink and blush are great colors for gowns. Deep red, plum and darker shades also work beautifully. While wearing dark colors keep the accessories and embellishments to a minimum. This will give you a classy and elegant look.

Cocktail dresses in rich and attractive colors are apt for black-tie events and formal parties. Metallics like gold and silver, beige, brown and jewel tones like emerald green, fuchsia, pink and red are among the all-time favorites. A black cocktail dress can never go wrong, and don’t forget to add the right amount of glamor with chic accessories.

3. Accessorize with Care

Accessories can make or mar your look. So be careful with what you choose.

A sparkly pair of earrings or studs, a bracelet, and a delicate necklace will complete and complement your look. With intricate and heavy gowns, jewelry should always be kept simple.

If you are looking to dress up your outfit, you can go for big chandelier earrings or a statement neckpiece. Oversized collars and intricate bib necklaces are trending now. But make sure you don’t overdo the look. Statement pieces look great with simple dresses and you should wear them either alone or with minimal accessories.

An evening bag or a clutch in silk, satin, velvet or brocade will look great with your formal attire. Embellished and fringed clutches are also in vogue. Red, gold or black clutches work well with any outfit.

4. Get Your Shoes Right

Killer heels add oomph and glamor like nothing else, and most of us consider them an absolute must in party wear. If you plan to wear high heels make sure you are comfortable in them. Keep in mind you may have to stand for long periods of time and it will become difficult to enjoy the evening if your feet are hurting like hell in your shoes.

Kitten heels make you look sexy without hurting your feet.

While wearing high heels, ensure the hem of your gown barely touches the ground. If you have a long train, short heels will go unnoticed.

Platform pumps in nude and black look great, and are high on comfort as well. Strappy stilettoes are perfect, provided you have mastered the art of balancing in them.

So pick and choose a style that is sexy and comfortable, and goes well with your outfit.

5. Don’t Forget the Basics

If you are wearing a body-hugging outfit, make sure you wear the right kind of underwear or the unflattering panty-lines will ruin your dress. Silk, satin and other slinky fabrics require special care because they are smooth and clingy and accentuate the visible panty lines.

If you are bust-heavy, a backless dress may not be the right choice.

Make sure you try out the gown or the cocktail dress and find the perfect fit that is flattering, classy and chic. Custom-made dresses can be made to fit to perfection, and you can have one in your favorite color as well! So do give them a try.

6. Hair and Make-up Maketh a Lady

Old etiquette may demand you to wear your hair up, but you can go with a style that you are comfortable with. If you feel you look good with your hair down, keep it so by all means. Have a professional blow-dry and you are ready to go. You can go for soft waves or curls which look charming and graceful.

If you are going for an up-do, a chignon or a bun will be apt. Add wispy tendrils of hair to frame your face beautifully and you are ready to rock!

You can keep the make-up minimal because gowns and cocktail dresses are quite the attention-grabbers by themselves. A freshly done manicure and pedicure are a must. Well-groomed hands and feet are as essential as make-up, if not more.

A great primer, suitable foundation, and some light luster with a dab of blush will make you look fresh and glowing.

You can choose to highlight your best feature, like your eyes or lips, and keep the rest of the make-up minimal. A bright-colored lipstick or beautifully done smoky eyes will do the trick.

7. Round It off with the Best

Invest in a chic and classy coat. It will go with your lovely gown and complete the look.

A designer fur-coat is desirable, so is a beautiful pashmina or a silk shawl.

Don’t pull out your plaid coat from the closet because it just won’t work.



Black-tie events are an opportunity to dress up, look good and pamper yourself, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to do so, and do remember to have fun!



Author Bio: Millie Rainer writes about a variety of things such as DIY, hospitality, fashion, and tech. She is looking to build up her authority as a blogger – so she is excited to explore new topics. Follow her on Twitter @MillieRainer.

Perfect Pair of Jeans for Every Occasion

jeans bootcut


It’s the summer time, which means enjoying the weather and going on new adventures! Whether you’re headed on vacation, to the beach, work, or the park, there are jeans for every occasion. Jeans are not only comfortable, but they can help you re-create an outfit when you can’t figure out to wear. Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans? This summer come up with multiple ensembles that incorporate your favorite pairs of jeans, and you will never find yourself saying you don’t have anything to wear.


Bootcut Jeans for a Horseback Ride

Horseback riding during the summer is a blast, and wearing bootcut jeans makes the occasion even better. Wear bootcut jeans the next time you go horseback riding for a positive experience. Of course this pair of jeans can be worn during other occasions as well, but wearing them horseback riding will help the event go smoothly because you will feel comfortable and at ease. Prior to going horseback riding make sure your jeans aren’t too tight — wear a pair that is your correct size and is stretchy. You can test them out by going on a quick bike ride. That way when you’re in a full gallop on a horse your outfit will feel just right.


Cute and Casual for a Concert

Have you been to a series of concerts yet? If you have not, it’s about time you purchased a few tickets to your favorite concerts! Ripped jeans for women are perfect to wear to concerts, not only because they are edgy, but because they help keep you cool since they are ripped and show more skin. Ripped jeans look amazing with a boxy shirt, tank top, or even a flowy top depending on your mood and the weather. If you live in a cooler climate bring along a biker jacket or sweater depending on the look you are going for and enjoy your night out at an amazing concert!


Designer Jeans for a Friday Night Date

Going on dates during the summer is something to look forward to, and wearing the perfect date night outfit when meeting up with a special someone makes you feel like the princess you are. Designer jeans can certainly glam up your ensemble. Find a pair of jeans with sequins and pair your designer jeans with playful accessories like a pretty necklace and a favorite pair of high heels for a complete ensemble.